Missions Update: The Miller Family in Misawa-2017

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Missions Update: The Miller Family in Misawa-2017

Hello to all our friends and family! May the Lord cause your love to increase, along with your knowledge of Him! May He keep you blameless for the day of Christ Jesus, and fill you with the fruit of righteousness that comes only through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Philippians 1:9-11)

As most of you probably know from Facebook, we are expecting another baby boy! He is due in December and we have not yet decided on a name. We will be having the baby here in Japan since we already have medical care here and an excellent hospital very close to our house.

The kids are doing great! Abby is really excelling with her Japanese. She no longer has a translator with her in class and seems to be doing fine without one.

Caleb has started 1st grade at the Japanese school and can already read well in Hiragana. He is picking up more and more Japanese phrases and seems to make friends very quickly.

Daniel is quite the character. He keeps Diana and I busy at home. He is doing well and growing so quickly.

The Church is doing well, although we are feeling the pinch of so many of our military church members leaving for other duty stations. We rejoice in the fruit that God has given to us over the past two years, knowing that it is only by his grace that we have seen several Japanese come to Christ and other American believers encouraged in the Lord!

Calvary is definitely in a time of rebuilding and revitalization and we are so thankful to be a part of what he is doing in Misawa, Japan. We hope in the Lord to see Calvary become an instrument for the spreading of the gospel to both the American population and to the local Japanese, both of whom are in great need of this truth.

Would you please help us, with your prayers, toward this goal? Please pray:

    • For the work at Calvary to be guided and blessed by God.
    • For the American military in Misawa to hear and believe the gospel.
    • For the Japanese to hear and obey the gospel.
    • For us to get a base pass to more easily interact with the military population.
    • For Diana’s health during this pregnancy.
    • For God to continue his grace toward our children as the learn Japanese.
    • For God to continue his grace to me (Matt) to be a godly husband, father and pastor.