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 If you are interested in Short-Term Missions, please fill out an application and turn it in to the Missions Committee. Click on the yellow button to download the form.
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 Missions News:  [hr]

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crosstoworldZambia Mission opportunity at DeVries University. July 9th-14th, 2017. Talk to Harry Sexton as soon as possible.   


crosstoworldMission opportunity  to help pass out Bibles in Taiwan. 
Talk to Paul Olsen as soon as possible.


crosstoworldMission opportunity  to help with the Missionary Kids in Zambia. 
Talk to Paul Olsen  as soon as possible as this will be made available to other churches too!
Zambia Mission 2017




crosstoworldPray for Paul Olsen as he heads to Nigeria, Africa for another Missions trip!
Rafiki Mission Trip - Nigeria (002)




crosstoworldPictures from Paul Oleson's latest mission trip to Mozambique: [br]

 6 Dorm5 Gate 4 Gate Photo 3.1 Welder with men using 3 The 4 men teaching 1 Group Photo 11 Bike 10 Nokero Light 9 Well in use 8 well drill kit 7 teaching center

crosstoworldThank You and Merry Christmas from the Miller Family in Japan!

Dear Laveen Baptist Church Family,

Merry Christmas from the Miller family here in Misawa, Japan. God is so faithful, and Christmas is one of our greatest reminders of His faithfulness.

I wanted to write to all of you briefly to thank you for all your love, prayers, support and assistance in this past year. They have been an encouragement to our hearts, and a reminder that the church is a universal body, united in love for Christ and working toward the common goal of making disciples of all nations. We especially want to thank the missions committee for purchasing the children’s curriculum for CBC, which has been a huge blessing for the church out here.

As we come to the end of our first calendar year out here in Japan we are reminded of God’s faithfulness. We have faced many trials, but God has brought us through them all. We know that we will face many more in the years to come, but we know that God will remain faithful, and we know that not one word of all the good promises that God has made will fail, all will come to pass. (Joshua 21:45)

“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored…” 2 Thessalonians 3:1
Merry Christmas,

Matthew and Diana Miller [hr] 

crosstoworld  New Missions Opportunities are coming! Contact Paul Olsen about missions to Rwanda (very soon), China (March 2016), and Taiwan (June 2016). Let’s get busy going!  [hr] crosstoworld

Revised Taiwan Mission Team The team that went and handed out Bibles in Taiwan will be reporting on their trip Sunday July 28th@6:00pm. If you would like to revisit the blog of their trip follow this link: https://lbctaiwan2015.wordpress.com  [hr] crosstoworldProject Connect is a community volunteer opportunity that Joe and Donna Razo from our church are a part of and use as an opportunity to make the gospel available along with Bibles at each event Project Connect organizes. You can learn more about Project Connect here: http://www.vsuw.org/you-can-help/volunteer/project-connect/  [hr]


The Shelton Family released a new Newsletter. View or Download the PDF. [hr]


The Hooten Family released a new Newsletter. View or Download the PDF. [hr]


The Miller Family released a new Newsletter. View or Download the PDF. [hr]


The Schoen Family released a new Newsletter. View or Download the PDF. [hr]


In our most recent mission report, Paul Olsen let us know about the different projects the church has been involved in recently, including drinking water wells, lights with cell chargers for pastors, indestructable soccer balls, the coming Taiwan mission trip to distribute Bibles, and much more.  Here are some pictures from the presentation. [br]  SAM_1182 Well Pump Well Pump 4 Well Pump 3 Well Pump 2 Well Crew Well concrete Watering Hole Water Hole Before Well Transporting Drill Piping Redoing Well Pastors with lights Pastors with lights 2 Nokero Light Inserting Casing Emptying Drill Bit Bike 1 Taiwan-William & Doug 1 Taiwan-Sharon Passing out Bibles 1 Taiwan-Passing out Bibles 1 Taiwan-Packing Bibles 1 Taiwan-Guys with Tourists 1 Taiwan-Chinesee Reading Bible 1 Taiwan-Bibles Ready to Give Out 1 Taiwan-Bible in hand 1 Taiwan Map 1 Taiwan Bible Distribution