Church Event Booking Policy
Please read before booking events for the church calendar. This will help make the process go smoothly for everyone involved.
Before you book, please be aware that:

  • Until such time that we have a full-time staff member responsible for our facilities, if your
    booking is at a time when no one else will be here, and you do not have keys and an alarm code
    for the space you need, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with someone who has
    keys to open and close for you. You may wish to start by checking with your event attendees
    to see if any of them would be able to let you in and lock up afterwards.
  • You are responsible for moving and setting up any furniture that needs to be moved and
    returning the furniture to it’s original location after you finish.
  • If you are booking vehicles for off-campus church events, once the booking is confirmed, it is
    your responsibility to contact the Transportation Ministry Coordinator to make arrangements
    for qualified driver(s) and vehicle service. Since our vehicles are currently kept at private
    homes, you will also need to make arrangements with the host family to pick up each vehicle
    you plan to use. The church office can supply the usual locations of each vehicle. Vehicles
    should be returned with gasoline. You can turn in a check request form with your receipt for
  • If your event conflicts with another church event, (even if the facility space is available), events
    will be booked on a first come basis. An event may be conflicting when it will not serve the
    best interests of another event previously booked.

Booking Procedure:
1. Before you begin, please check the events calendar on the website to see if the schedule
looks clear for your event. This does not guarantee that the space you wish is available,
because it does not reflect all behind-the-scenes space usage, or events in the process of
being booked. If the space and times you want are not available, we will e-mail or call you
to discuss alternatives. If the event is booked, we will e-mail you a confirmation.
2. Please complete a separate form for each solo event. Complete the form with all details
that apply. You will be asked specific information for the event itself, and also for set-up
and clean-up/tear down. Dates, and start and end times for both the event and any set-up
and tear-down/clean-up times are required. Your event(s) cannot be booked without
them. If you are unsure of those dates and/or times, enter something, and mark the detail as
Revisions to the event’s details may be made as the space is available, so get
your details set as early as possible. Changes to an event should be made no closer than 2
weeks from the event, or earlier (depending on the event type), to allow for proper
notification of the congregation. Make changes and/or cancel the event by
calling the church office at 602-237-4885, or e-mailing both,