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Church Event Booking Request Form

One-Time Event Details

Re-occurring Event Details:

Setup/Tear Down Time Details:

Event Location:

If your event is off-campus and requires some equipment, fill out the Church Equipment Lending Request Form on the Calendar/Booking page.

On-campus Event Rooms and Spaces:

Other Event Details:

Equipment Needs:

Tables Needed:

Chairs Needed:

Kitchen Equipment Needed:

All Kitchen Equipment and goods used must be approved, and in general goods and food are purchased and supplied by the ministry or person responsible for the event.

Technical Equipment Needed:

Transportation Needs:

Church vehicles must be driven by a pre-approved driver. Contact the office for a list of people you may contact to request driving assistance from. You will be responsible for securing the driver, and pickup/dropoff coordination.

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Thanks for filling out this Church Event Request form. The Office will review the details and contact you shortly regarding its approval or denial and any questions we may have about your request.


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