Baby Dedications at LBC are a commitment made before God and the community of Believers, where the parents of a child and the church family dedicate themselves to attempt to raise the child to know and fear the Lord. Following the example of Hannah’s dedication of Samuel to the Lord (1 Samuel 1), parents and church family understand they have a responsibility to recognize the child as a gift from God, and to do their best to teach and exemplify a godly life according to Scripture in the hope that one day the child will choose for themselves a personal relationship with Jesus. A Baby Dedication does not grant any special ability, goodness, or salvation to the child. Those things are always only the result of the child’s personal decision to let Jesus be their Lord and Savior. It is simply a dedication of the parents of the child and the church family to work together to raise this child to know the Lord.

We do Baby Dedication Services on an as-requested basis, usually only 2 or three times in a year. You may fill out a request below to have your baby dedicated, understanding you will then be contacted to verify your request and confirm a date, and that you meet the requirements and understanding for this special event in your family’s life.

Baby Dedication Registration Form:

Please enter the name of the Child to be dedicated. This is what will be printed in the Bible you are given at their Dedication.

Please enter the date of birth for the Child being Dedicated.